Lease to Own

Do you want to create long-term memories in a home, but you’re not ready to purchase yet?

We have solutions for those who are in-between renting and owning a home. With the Landmark Team, there’s more than one way to buy your next home.

How it Works

We have multiple solutions with flexible income and credit requirements.

Reach out and we’ll get you started on the best path for you!

You choose a home listed for sale. Most single family homes and townhouses qualify.

Our partner purchases the home on your behalf!

Once the purchase is complete, you move in as a tenant and pay rent.

You can lease from 2-5 years. In some cases, a percentage of rent goes toward your down payment.

You may choose to buy the home in the future during the lease team, or you can walk away at the end of the lease.

When you choose to purchase, you begin building equity and wealth!

We have more solutions today than ever before to help people transition to a new living space.

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