A Garage to Love

A home’s garage can be a multipurpose room. Many use them for storage, as a workshop for projects, and many other things. Often, people have the issue of their projects and storage taking over, leaving no room for their vehicle. There are some simple steps you can take to make your garage accessible for your family and your car.

Buy some storage shelving and containers. Using containers allows you to gather all the little things and organize them. Label each container so you know what’s in each one. Not only does this group everything together, but it frees your floor space for other things. If you have the bottom set of shelving high enough, you can store things such as your Shop-Vac under them to keep them safe and out of the way.

Pegboards are another great addition to your garage. If you don’t have a shed or separate workshop, you can place all your tools and other odd and end items on hooks on the board. It works well to pull all those smaller items and gardening tools off the floor while keeping them handy.

Picture by mtneer_man

Many enter their house through their garage. Set up a set of cubbies with hooks for coats and bags, as well as spaces for shoes. This makes it easy to find everything as you leave for work or before the kids run off for school. You can even decorate with everyone’s favorite color for a unique look. Don’t forget to have a space for keys!

If your garage is doubling as a workspace, create a work bench with everything you’ll need for every project. Install drawers and containers for the little things like screws and nails, then pegboards and larger spaces for the tools. Another good option is a magnetic holder for everything. These small strips keep all your bits from getting lost in a drawer or rolling away.

The garage does not have to be a catch-all for clutter. You can keep it organized and looking great with just a few steps. Take a look at these great ideas and examples from House Logic, Listotic, and HGTV. You can use them for inspiration and work to create a space that works well for your family.