Going Rural in Colorado

For the past century, we’ve seen more people turning to urbanized living. Farms were traded for the suburbs, or even inner-city apartments. Recently, there has been a change in this trend. Instead of moving into cities, people are leaving them in droves. Many head to smaller, quieter towns, and some set up modern homesteads on plots with some land.


Both young and old come to smaller towns and the country to relax. In the urban environment, we’re always going somewhere. Kids’ events, daily shopping and always-on entertainment pull us from our homes and keep us in nearly constant movement. In a rural setting, we tend to be more mindful about what we do because getting there takes more effort. Without the shiny bells and whistles of the city, there is more space and time to reflect about what truly matters.


The lack of urgency and constant commotion leads to other benefits as well. Calmness causes better focus. Many writers and artists move to a rural area for the creative benefit of country calm. The sounds of sirens, cars honking, people talking, and disgruntled yelling are not often heard between the lush country hills. Peace is easy to come by.


Budding astronomers love the country. In the city, you may not see any stars. On the same night in a smaller town or on the countryside, the sky is full of stars. You can sit on your porch, or lay in your back yard, and witness the beauty you didn’t see inside the city limits. With the darker country surroundings, you should find yourself able to sleep better too, and who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep?


In the country, you have the option to be healthier by growing your own food. Urban areas often offer very little space for gardens and animals. When you have a small amount of acreage, you can grow a garden so that you know exactly where your food came from. A small chicken coup or pen can provide farm fresh eggs, as well. If you don’t have the inclination to grow your own food, local neighbors are likely to sell quality food items for a low price.


Country people tend to be very helpful. Once you connect with the community, everyone knows who you are and can help when you’re in need. Having a place in a rural community opens the door to people who want to assist when your child is struggling in school, your car breaks down, or perhaps your recipe calls for a cup of sugar you don’t have on hand.


Many people desire to move someplace rural for the peace and quiet, but hesitate due to ideas that the school system isn’t as great or there aren’t very many activities to take part in. This isn’t always true. According to Niche, our area has excellent schools. Grades are high and students excel. Also, the teacher-to-student radio tends to be lower, so your child gets more personal attention, as needed. Since we are only a few hours from the Denver Metro, things such as museums, art exhibits, and concerts, are only a short drive away… but it’s good to go back home.


For the right people, living in a rural area can be fun and relaxing. If you’re on the fence, Rural Living and The Simple Dollar have several articles discussing urban versus rural living. Enjoy exploring our area and finding out if simple rural living is the escape you’ve been looking for.