Exciting new Paint Colors For 2018

Paint is an important part of home ownership. It protects the walls and gives a home personality. Many colors give impressions all on their own, then the décor in the room perfects that impression. Using the right colors you can pick the right thing to make your home feel warm and inviting to guests, while being a sanctuary for you and your family.

If you are planning to sell your home, neutrals are a good way to go. These shades of white and tan can have other colors inside, but tend to be very low key. They allow buyers to see their own style in the home, and later easily paint their home any color they want. Using warmer tones gives a more open and inviting feel while cooler ones make a room seem larger, but also give it a colder feel.

If you don’t want your home all white and tan, take a look at My Domaine which has fifty different neutral colors from interior decorators. There are a lot more neutrals out there now and you can get very creative with color schemes. Also, a current ongoing trend is to use mostly neutral tones, since most of them can go with anything, then pick an accent wall to place your bolder colors on.

Just like other colors, neutrals tend to have their trends as well. In the past, chocolate brown was very popular, now people turn more to cinnamon and mocha. A favorite in today’s designs is gray. Softer grays to darker tones, such as charcoal, give a unique look to a room.

Green is currently a good, go-to color. There are light, more neutral versions if you want a lot of it, but often using it as an accent is a great way to add some color to your room. Perhaps you might choose one wall to offset another tone with, or maybe it’s just choosing green cabinets or countertops to give a unique look to your kitchen. Either way, it gives your home a nice, earthy feel and with the right tones, a very serene atmosphere.

Since the early 2000’s, blue has been a very popular color. It’s a consistent favorite. Deep tones add an air of mystery to your room, while lighter tones make one think of the sky. It is a nice, relaxing color in all forms, and makes a place feel comfortable.

Red can be overwhelming. We use it as a color for a stop signs and warning signs for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use it in your home. If you want to do a more black and white color scheme for your decor, red can really make an eye-catching statement. It is great in small doses, but some have even gone as far as having red kitchen cabinets. It’s all about what works for you and your home.

Pinks are similar to reds. They make great accents, but can be a bit over the top. With the right shades you can use a lot of pink and have a unique feel in your home. There are even neutral shades which showcase pinks for a soft, warm glow.

For a royal and creative feel, try some purple. Using tones which have blue or red undertones can make your living or dining room feel rich and cheery. Lighter tones can help focus, so they are great for a study. It really is a versatile color.

There are many great paint colors and hues. Choosing what will work for you, and any room in your home, is often very personal. For some great ideas Elle Decor has several good pictures and options that span a wide range of tastes. Blu Ridge Vintage has also taken every major paint company’s color trends and placed them in one handy article. Have fun choosing the right color for your home.