Upgrades to Improve Your Home in 2018

As you head into the new year, perhaps you are looking to upgrade a few things. Maybe you are looking to sell your home and are looking to remodel or touch up before listing. Either way, you want to pick projects your home needs which will benefit you if you do decide to sell.

Attic insulation isn’t something we think about often, but it plays a huge roll in your home. As it ages, your home becomes more susceptible to the temperature changes around it. Your heating and cooling costs rise, and it is harder to keep a comfortable temperature inside your home. Replacing your insulation saves you money now, and can help you increase your home’s resale value.

While updating, look for ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. If your siding is damaged, replace any broken pieces and give it a nice touch of paint. If the siding appears old, you may want to replace all of it. This will give you the chance to update the insulation under the siding as well.

Check on your roof. You shouldn’t see any decay, cracks, or moss. If you are unsure about your roof’s age or condition, it might be best to replace it, as many buyers want to know how old the roof is. You will increase the value of your home and its curb appeal.

Inspect your windows and doors. Dents and scratches in the door may detract from its value. The best choices for your front door are fiberglass or steel. Both are great options you can find easily, however, steel seems to add more resale value in surveys. Older windows are drafty and don’t insulate as well as the newer windows. If your windows require more than a touch up, vinyl is your best bet for recovering the cost. Again, upgrading these will also help insulate your home better and give it a fresh look.

Another door that may need replaced or spruced up is your garage door. Usually, these face the street and are one of the largest features a buyer sees when approaching your home. Even repainting it can make your home stand out.

Adding stonework to homes is a growing trend. Placing it around your home can add a nice touch which inspires buyers. A nice manufactured veneer can be installed indoors around fireplaces, or around the exterior to add some embellishment to your home.

Adding or replacing a deck also pays off. Buyers like to see a place to sit during the nicer weather, and it makes the house and yard look very comfortable. Even if you have a deck and it’s in good shape, taking the time to sand and touch it up gives it a well-cared for feel when buyers come to view your home.

These changes and upgrades may seem like a lot. That is ok. YHowever, all are great ideas to do over the years as you upkeep your home. For some more ideas on good things to upgrade or change, check this blog by Remodeling.