Christmas Angels and Gold Stars in Kiowa

Many of us love the Holidays, and see it as a time of giving. Many love to bless family and friends with presents, and make gift-giving a Christmas Eve or Christmas morning tradition. This year, local residents have the opportunity to share the joy of Christmas giving with others in the community.


First State Bank and People’s Bank have trees adorned with angels and golden angels. Visit and select your angel; each one has a child’s gender and age written on it. Using the information, select a toy for the child on your tag and return it to bank by December 15. Gifts will be taken to the children on Christmas morning.


Children in the Angel Tree Program are in a unique situation; they have a parent in jail. Some of them are living with other family members, but there are others with no relatives to take them in. The imprisoned parent signs them up to receive a gift. The program utilizes donations, and volunteers take the gifts to the children.


This is a great program helping children through a difficult time of their lives. Imagine the excitement and joy on a child’s face as they open a gift their jailed parent could not be there to give in person. It brightens their Christmas morning and brings encouragement in a situation when sadness can easily set in.


Kiowa District Hospital Clinic shows its own form of Christmas Season care with Gold Star Trees. Each star lists a suggested donation amount, but any gift is appreciated. Funds collected go toward sponsoring a Mobile Meal for seniors in need. Some seniors can’t get out to shop for themselves or need aid when cooking their food. The Gold Star Tree program makes sure area seniors get a good meal with no need to shop or prepare the food themselves.


These programs are good examples of the strength of our community. We love to help each other and we step up to support those in need. The feeling that comes from opening an unexpected gift or receiving good food in a time of need is incredible. The feeling of being part of making those things happen may be even better.

Help some of our older local community members by taking part in one of these programs, or many others nearby. May your merry be merrier and your bright be brighter, knowing you helped improve someone’s Christmas this year.